You Knock My Door Episode 46 Trailer

You Knock My Door Episode 46 Trailer is on the air.

The highly anticipated Sen Çal Kapımı 46th Episode Trailer has been released.

Serkan is officially Kemal’s child! 😳

#EdSer love continues from where it left off! 😍

You Knock My Door 45. Episode 2 Trailer is on the air.

“What are you doing in my bed?” 😍

Is the ice melting between #EdSer? 😍

“You like it, don’t you think we are silly like this?”

You Knock My Door Episode 45 Trailer is on the air.

“I like it here” 😍

“We are in the same house again after many years.” 😇

You Knock My Door 44. Episode 2. Trailer is on the air.

“Get ready to see another Serkan Bolat!” 😳 “Do your best.

You Knock My Door Episode 44 Trailer is on the air.

Let it be as we think, please! 😍

What happened last night?! 😍

This must be what they call a happy family painting! 😇

You knock on my door on the 43rd. Chapter 2. trailer has been released.

What will Serkan say to Eda? 😳
Kiraz “I’m starting to like you, Serkan Bolat.” 😍

You Knock My Door 43rd Episode Trailer has been released.

“I’m not ready to be a father!” 🥺
Miss Aydan is taking care of her grandson! 😎

Knock On My Door, 42. Part 2. Trailer released.

Eda said you were Kiraz’s mother! 😍

“I’m the mother of that sweet boy!” 🥺 “You’re my hero🌟

Aydan: so, you also think the same as I do
Engin: it isn’t possible to think a different way. We need to find a different way and get the proof.
Piril: which solutions are they?
Serkan: how are you Melo’s child, I still can’t understand because you don’t seem like melo
Aydan: we need reliable proof
Engin: i need a strand of Kiraz‘ hair
Serkan: can you tell your child she should wear sandals?
Melo: do you think this child… Did you thought about my child’s feet?
Eda: imagine that she gets a dad that doesn’t want her. It’s better that she doesn’t have one then.
Kiraz: you taught me how to be brave. You are my super hero
E: Serkan the Mom of this cute child… is me.

You knock on my door 42nd episode trailer released.

“If I feel you’re ready to be a little bit of a father…” 🐣
“Best boy friend’s kid.”
What will Eda ask Serkan? 😍

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